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    As the world repeatedly talks about “going green” environmentally, I can’t help but remember a simpler time. Many years ago, before I was an investigator or a businessman, I was travelling on a bus with my cousin. I was a bit philosophical in my youth and we spent a lot
  • AxisVero
    Stormtrooper (Sith) or Jedi What kind of investigation team have you chosen? Exploring the difference between investigation agencies through a fun “movie geek” perspective. First of all, I need to start off with an apology to the security company that actually used one of the images above to describe themselves.
  • AxisVero
    My first introduction to the concept of “Hello World” a number of years ago while reading a wonderfully written series of books regarding Advanced Assembly Language Programming. Okay, I should probably let you know that although I have led a highly exciting life with so many stories (that you can

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